Bernie Maher Casting Instruction


1 hour session;    £45

2 hour session;    £85


What you will learn:

Fly casting instruction

  • I will analyse your technique initially.

  • Look at the mechanics your Rods Reels and Lines.

  • Roll casts and Spey casts.

  • Overhead cast improving accuracy and presentation, loop control. Using Video when necessary.

  • Casting into strong winds.

  • For River Anglers Slack Line and other techniques to overcome drag.

  • For Stillwater Anglers and introduction to Single and double haul.

£45 per hour.

1 to 2 hour sessions.

1 to 1 session.


What you will learn:

Salmon Casting instruction

  • Roll Casts

  • Overhead Casting

  • Jump Roll and Anchor points.

  • Spey casting including Snapped T , Circle C, Snake Roll.

  • Video Sessions where requested

Call 07976 306073 for bookings or information