How's it Fishing- The Trout Lake


Trout Lake Report Saturday 19th May 2018


Lots of fish rising to Buzzers. Fish everywhere but they are challanging to catch.

Use really small F Flies or Black Gnats size 18 or 20 to imitate the naturals, and use ripply water if your flies ae bigger.

Also working is a washing line (ginked up Blob on the point with two nymphs on the middle and top dropper).

I was instructing last week on the lake, and an indicator with buzzer or Apps Blood worm set at 2 1/2 feet worked really well. Lots of 'nips' at the fly but if you waited the trout would come back and the indicator would disappear.


Best areas the bottom 1 /2 of he lake near the dam.


Boats are producing good bags, of Trout with Brian Simmonds and Ken Sweet get 9 and 13 trout respectively using a floating line using various methods (inc washing line).


Stocking some Blues, Tigers and Brook Trout today so feel free to see them going in if your at Press today.


Tight Lines