How's it Fishing- The Trout Lake


Fishing Report 17th August 2017



The lake is fishing best a.m. with fish taking Hoppers, Buzzers and Lures fished slowly.

John Bunting had 5 fish in a short session yesterday using a weighted Orange Blob, fished slowly/static on a floating line.

In the afternoon the fishing becomes more difficult as the fish won't play!

Late on, the fish will take dries again, especially sedges.

It is definitely worth taking a boat out, and the key to success is to find the depth the fish are feeding at.


From the bank the dam is the most productive area.


We are at the back of the hot weather months now so as water temperatures lower there will be more activity.


The evening ticket starts at 2.30pm and fishing finishes at 8pm.

Cafe for food open weekends, coffee and tea available all week.



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